How to help KoPC easily

Because lots of people are lost along the process but would really like to help, and because these list is always more or less the same everytime, I decided to do some static post for that.
(that I will edit from time to time when needed !)
(Edit: 20 nov 14)

So, how can you help my games easily ?


1) – Financial contribution for next updates/games !
Money is free time I can buy myself to work ultra hard on new hentai games or updates!
It’s also used to employ professionnal artists, writers, to make far better stuff!
And you can even have lots of rewards for it!


2) – Extensive feedback on current games !
Liking, disliking and bugs : all that, explained in constructive details, can help a lot to understand what’s going on in your silent heads of yours ! As I’m still not telepath, silent players can’t count !
(for bugs, screenshots can be awesome, too)


3) – Moral support !
Developping all those games (KoPC, YTPP, Sexforge, etc…) and everything else, especially when you’re as bad as I am, takes lots of time, energy, motivation, sweat and blood!
Cheering the lonely programmer up is the best way to keep him going, never hesitate to do it!
(it’s not even for me : it’s just without the fragile human I am, there’s no game production, that’s mathematical :p)


4) – Spread the word, get people’s attention !
Spending all my free time struggling with codelines, graphics, blog/patreon updates : I can’t be everywhere.
Never hesitate to spend a little time on hentai forums or any hentai sites to talk about my games, most of people just never heard of them! (most of YOU heard of them very recently, when I’ve been doing this for years!!)


5) – Use contribution tutorials ! (KoPC)
You can create/complete scenarios and clothes if you like, for KoPC : use existing tutorials !
(click on buttons provided in the game or above to access tutorials)
For scenarios, specifically : try to update existing secondary campaigns !
As number of sets and possibilities grow, those campaigns suggested by players get old, and I can only work on main one (already tons of work). So I count on you for those sidelines of fun !


6) – Be imaginative and take initiatives !
Provide raw or refined sketches for new sets in KoPC or anything else.
Come up with small and easy ideas to add animations to set, or any improvement ideas on anything.
This kind of stuff can help a lot improving the game quicker, and are not that complicated to do, when the ideas are flowing and get sorted out.
Mail me the result so we can discuss it, it’s all up to you ;)
(and after that, all up to what I can program and when I can do it, but that’s another problem, lol)


7) – Bestiality, furries, bdsm, milf, asian, happy sex, and tentacles lovers : up to you ! (KoPC)
There’s lot of fetishes that do NOT inspire me, alas.
It means it’s very very hard for me to work on those, and come up with something about it.
But that don’t mean it shouldn’t be in the game!!
So, give a help with those, if you like them!!
Provide good scenarios, raw material like sketches, limbs or sets (best in .fla AS2/CS5.5).
The less I have to work to include stuff, most likely I will be able to include your stuff, after that would be quicker and funnier, for an aspect/fetish I wouldn’t do on my own!


For all material contributions, my e-mail :
For all discussions, try to keep things to comments : this way other people can read it and jump into it, and we could more easily motivate and gather good wills !
Stay positive, stay constructive, I know my games are not the best, faaar from it, spending time talking about it doesn’t help anyone! Focus on what you like and what can be done for it!


If you have other ideas to add to this special list, feel free to say so in comments, I will edit it!

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  • kaetzer says:

    well, let’s get started then:
    a few bugs i noticed:
    -the tongue while licking is visible even without x-ray
    -when you click on a girl WHILE cumming in an x-some it kinda messes up, the “pro”tagonist and the girls in the x-some freeze and the dude appears a second time, fucking the girl you just selected
    -when you exit a stage while there is moaning sound active, it doesnt stop until the next moaning sound is played (e.g. start a new fuck-session)

    and personally i dont like the new timing system, i never manage to hit that damn thing xD
    everything else is great ;)

    moral support:
    as i already stated this gotta be one of the best porn games i’ve ever seen, but nonetheless: MATTIS! MATTIS! MATTIS! *rallies crowd*

    since there is already the possibility to make the dude look like some sort of devil, how about more “fantasy”? like angels, demons, elves and the likes (maybe even a crazy religious sect scenario? think i have to take a look at those tutorials)

    keep up the good work ;)


    PS: i dont want to sound like a dick, but i noticed quite some spelling errors/typos, would it be too presumptuous to offer revision?

    • Mattis says:

      Thx, lol ! (especially for the moral support, makes me laugh, it’s good vibes !)

      Spelling/typo : don’t hesitate to offer revision, yes ! If possible, make big lists before posting them. Easier to correct lot of stuff in one session than just one or two here and there.

      Bugs : noted ! But try to stick in current update post, next time. This precise “how to help” post will serve as “post-it” for each future updates, so posting here will quickly become.. argh, what’s the word ? Dated ? I don’t know, not my natural langage, sorry.

      Suggestion : keep an eye for next update, lol, it should answers that a little ;)

  • Sop says:

    Hahahah…Love this game and love the work you do man! Great job! But what does the sponge button do?

    Also I’m a tits loving guy…could we perhaps have more fun with boobs? Like more tit fuck poses or maybe boob grabbing? Just a thought…you don’t have to take that in consideration if you don’t want to.

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the moral thumbs up ! ;)

      The sponge get rid of cum stains on foot and mouth, when doing “suck” or “footjob” poses for too long ;)

      For tits, it’s been years I try to figure out how meetnfuck games do their stuff, how to draw that kind of things and all, but it’s really hard.
      So, I can’t promise anything, but I’m still trying, yes, don’t worry !

  • Dandy says:

    Would it be possible to have multiple girls wearing different outfits in the same scenario?

    For example: a Halloween party with a bunny, a nurse, and a cheerleader. Or a prison scene with a cop and a prisoner.

    • Mattis says:

      Hello Dandy ! (are you THE dandy who made the first contribution campaign ?)

      It should work, theorically, yes, but only in freemode, as you have to define yourself an outfit for each girl.
      (need testing !)

      • Dandy says:

        Ok, I’ve got a few new scenarios to send you. Should I include these multi-outfit scenarios in the email or leave them out for now?

        Also, if I design a scene in the Winter House set would that be restricted to the santa code?

        And yes, I am the Dandy who asked you to make the Family Story. Thank you very much for including it in your game.

        • Mattis says:

          Thank YOU for contributing to the game !

          For multi-outfit : no, don’t include that, I will not be able to program it for now.

          For new scenarios : please do ! And if you could/would want to “update” Family Story that would be great, too ;) (don’t know if that’s what you were aiming for ?)

          For winter house, I will do an alternate “unlocked” set, but without all gifts and everything, have fun with it !

  • ScarletJi says:

    One bug that I’ve noticed is that the darker body colors don’t match up with the guys ears if you’re using all but one of the “Dude head” models. You’ll end up with a black or asian dude with white ears and it just looks a bit weird.

    P.S. Thank you for the incredible amount of time and consideration you’ve put into this game and especially for listening to some of our suggestions considering the vast amount of ungrateful schmucks there are out here on the internet :P . I know you’re journey with this games’ development has been rough and on behalf of everyone who plays it I commend you on your efforts.

    • Mattis says:

      Ears’ bug have been signalled, I will fix it as soon as possible ;)

      Thx for the support !
      Yeah, ungratefulness is just “human”, but as tigers and diseases are, lol !
      I mean I don’t blame it, but no schmucks should ever doubt how destructive they are, and assume the fact there’s less and less creators and efforts put into games because of them, even if they are very few (takes only one guy to ruin your life, generally)

      Problem is they don’t assume it, they are not even aware of it. Most of the worst ones are even criticizing and always asking for more by pure twisted “love”, just forgetting the human aspect and flaws behind the game ;)

      Here, on KoPC, we are blessed with people doing it “the right way” (as far as I’m concerned), and proving it can be done.
      Everyone tell how they like the game, and keep telling it, even if they know the game isn’t perfect and even if it doesn’t really go as well and as fast as they would want it.
      People stay nice about suggestions and critics.
      And in the end, the result is here : far more efforts are deployed into transforming the game how the players would want it.

      Because flowers grows with sun, shooting it with M16 don’t achieve nothing ;)
      It’s long and frustrating, but we prove it goes way further than “game’s attempts” shot down in flames the first day they comes out.
      It just takes to try, sometimes !

      So let’s show the world wide web how it works, yeah ! :) )

  • ThorErix says:

    i love this game i will donate as soon as i get a job keep it up

  • Bloodangel says:

    Ok Been playing your game for a while and it great btw but there are some minor bugs. When in Santa mode while standing around the guys dick dick disappears but once u select a foreplay it reappears. The other one is with the happy mood when u come the girls eyes disappear and no male dialogue. Fun game and cant wait to see what u do next

    • Mattis says:

      Will fix “happy mood eyes” bug and “no male dialog” bug !
      For santa, I need to re-test the whole thing.
      It’s the problem with a game constantly evolving : some stuff became “old” very quickly and don’t work anymore, lol ;)

      Thx for the support and feedback ! Keep it coming !

  • jb1 says:

    What is the new rainbow bar that appears sometimes on the Sex-ing bar? I take it we should be aiming for the Red center of the rainbow bar? What happens if we hit the red center, or is that an upcoming feature that will be filled in more later?

    Keep up the good work!

    • Mattis says:

      It’s the new gameplay (it seems it’s confusing for a lot of people, lol)
      Yes you got to click at the right time, when in the “red zone” of the rainbow.
      You can see “points” changing depending on where the aim is, you could guess how it works by trying around ;)

      • jb1 says:

        rainbow bar makes sense now

        however, the rainbow bar moves impossibly fast for me, probably because I have purchased almost all Upgrades. The bar moves SO FAST that it sometimes literally only appears in 3 places on on the rainbow bar…the bar is like traveling at the speed of light or something.

        that might be a small bug for you to look into

        • Mattis says:

          It’s always a problem with flash : speed depends a lot on your computer power.
          On mine, for example, everything is slow as hell, everytime.
          But you seems to have a big badass computer, so everything goes fast, lol !

          Will try to do something about that, thx for feedback !

  • ballisticwaffles says:

    Holy Mother of Mattis updates!

    Thank you for the effort you put into this Mattis, even if it does suck sometimes know that we all appreciate what you do.

    I have some bugs and suggestions, as always.

    When you hit Replay while in the House Stage, it shows the Warehouse exterior instead.

    When you reset a game, but before you restart the browser, all of your options are kept, including the Anal Vaginal switch and the Clothing options.

    The Rainbow Bar is not very fun, to tell the truth. Because the viewer has to watch it instead of the scene, it feels like it is drawing attention away from the action.

    I feel it would be better used as a Pregnancy thing. For example, you button mash/what ever gameplay idea you introduce next, and then you have to hit the target to impregnate. The Pregnancy percentage could affect the size of the bar, and the upgrades could increase the base size of the bar.

    And if it isnt too much trouble, would it be too hard to implement another 3some scene?

    Always love your stuff man.

    • Mattis says:

      Rainbow bar deal is… funny.

      A year before, for months, people criticized the “mashing button” gameplay and all ask for a “timing gameplay, with a moving aim that you have to click in the right zone, like every other hentai games”.

      Now that I did it, lots of people complain about it (because it’s that, given you can always restart the level to have old “mashing button” gameplay), and don’t understand how the hell it works (even if the game gives more info than usual hentai games about that gameplay).

      It’s becoming old quickly, it’s not very constructive ;)
      But I guess it’s still feedback, lol !

      For enjoyment disturbance : absolutely irrelevant.
      “Mashing” need you to check your mouse is still on the button, while you click like hell, and have a time limit.
      None of those 3 inconveniences affect “timing” gameplay : you can enjoy the scene as long as you need, both hands free, until you decide to go to the next scene by clicking once.


      For reset bug and house stage bug, that’s new ones, I will check on that, thx for testing this !

      For 3-some : it’s hard but fun ;) (adult or young 3-some, anyway ?)
      True I left X-some and Y-some poses aside for some time, got too much other big stuff to work one, but don’t worry, I’m still a fan of all “group sex” stuff and will get back to it as soon as possible !
      (10-some’s the goal !)

      • jb1 says:

        I think a balance between mashing and timing is okay (but either one is fine). I think 20% of the people complaining might have the “light-speed rainbow bar” issue I have, and just haven’t bothered to mention it. My computer is a little bit newer. It’d be better for timing rainbow bar to be way too slow than way too fast, because way too fast == quick frustration for new players b/c theyre getting no points each time. I hate difficult porn games. :P

        New players and leveling players may always love Mashing more because its easy ***guaranteed points***. People like me who have finished the game already will be okay with Rainbow because we no longer care about getting super easy points/dollars. Maybe rainbow should only show up 20% of the time, rest of the time it’s mashing?

        As has been suggested, perhaps rainbow is used only to earn slight increase in probability of preg, or earn a 100% assurance that the girl will get wet during the session or some other visual/reaction/extra bonus.

        There are so many different ways it could be done. I realize it must be annoying for you Mattis. I am programmer in real life too and I hate it when the people I work for switch back and forth about what they want me to do for them. In the end I don’t care as long as I get paid. That’s why I’m going to donate to KoPC soon. :)

        I also might try to help out by contributing some Beastiality content soon, even though I’m not really into it myself.

        Question: Would the Dude himself be a dog or a horse or goat or whatever in Beastiality mode?

        Would it need to be a human-like goat/horse/dog hybrid thing (a Furry, if you will), or a real dog/horse/goat? I suspect that some Beastality fans would like real animals (not furries) more, but that would probably really limit the sex positions available (dog/goat could only do ground/doggy positions, and horse would be even more limited, maybe to only 1 custom horse sex anim for you to create). Let me know what you want to do Mattis so I can create something you can actually use.

        I think some of KoPC’s bugs are actually its STRENGTHS. For example, about 5% of the time when I’m creaming the girl, the Dude keeps on THRUSTING at normal speed even though he’s creaming. It’s small variations like that in the scenario which do give KoPC a touch that non-KoPC games don’t have.

        I have a minor extra suggestion: During-preg or During/post-cream animations/effects.

        5% of the time Dude could keep on thrusting full speed during cream/preg (already done), 5% of time standard (freeze up/relax) during cream/preg (already done), 5% of the time girl slips off of Dude’s dick during cream/preg (falls down lol), 5% of the time girl’s legs/arms move to a slightly different position (wrap other leg around Dude, goes stiff-legged (resistance against the Dude), leg moves up or down by a certain amount, girl wraps Arms around Dude, 5% of the time Dude grabs his dick, or 5% of the time she gushes cream or does a girl squirt) as the Dude’s cream/preg happens.

        Whatever Mattis ends up doing in KoPC will be the best way. We trust you Mattis!

        • Mattis says:

          Always easier to programers to understand how difficult stuff is, lol ;)
          But also, at some point, the “he didn’t do that the RIGHT way, it would be better if he’d do it MY way” sometimes takes control !
          (don’t pretend it doesn’t, it’s even why I’m doing my own games, lol !)

          For bestiality : I clarified the post, thx for the thoughts !
          I talk about real animals, not furries, yes, and replacing the dude.
          “special bonus pose”, id est.

          For mini-games, as for climax kind : it’s…. there’s no right solution.
          For the moment, I will focus on providing variety, just like foreplay poses or fetishes.
          I don’t know where we will go with that, but being able to chose your custom “game” in its aspects seems good, for now.
          “All random” would be an option among other, but I think we can provide the choice, it’s not really an additionnal difficulty, in some aspect. (like minigames)
          When we will have tons of variety and choices, a “original full experience” randomizing everything and maybe giving more points could be fun. ;)

          Anyway everything is well noted.

          (I don’t comment everything because I got work to do and because some answers have already been provided or will be obvious in future updates, lol)

  • Bloodangel says:

    Hey I think the rainbow click thing would be more fun if you could just slow the rainbow click thing down a wee bit. Cause on the maps with more than one girl it gets to going so fast u basically gotta close be lucky. Otherwise i think it an interesting mechanic in the game kinda breaks up the button mashing monotony

  • anitax1990 says:

    could have virgin girls. The girls could have orgasms to stay pregnant or not. submissive girls could have orgasms that have to be treated badly, and had other romantic than when they are kindly treated. The girls could have orgasmas before the winding, and having to wait until the too humiliated over.

  • anitax1990 says:

    when the player finds the way to orgasm some women might recognize these as his master. give her panties, follow or get wet with their presence.

  • anitax1990 says:

    Sorry, I should introduce myself:
    My name is Ana I am a submissive woman, his game has excited me a lot, thanks.

    • Mattis says:

      (I understand you are spanish ? Your translations in english are not good but I understand what you meant, don’t worry.
      But you should do all in one comment, with spanish and english version in the same comment, it’s easier with both)

      De nada, you’re welcome ;)
      Cool to know some women enjoy this game too !

      For virgins or submissive girls (with little stuff like orgasm or panties or following), it’s not my kind of thing, but I note it, I could try to do it, someday, yes, that’s interesting ideas anyway.

      Thx for the comment !

  • anitax1990 says:

    yes, I am from Spain, my English is Google translator, sorry. You say that the submission is not your kind of thing, but your female characters are all very submissive, only gave ideas for player to experience a psychological plus physical domination. I think this would also be more interesting to women players.

    • Mattis says:

      When I say ’submissive is not my kind of thing’, I mean in the game, the girls I show don’t LIKE what they are forced to do.

      Being dominated AND enjoying it is a different stuff.
      But I understand some people could like it, that’s why I noted it and will try to work on it, sometimes.

  • Bloodangel says:

    Hey I kinda like the idea of submissive Women might add a lair of fun and excitement to actually have the women enjoy what happening to them. Maybe on a different map setting or something. Don’t get me wrong i also enjoy the cave man approach of taking what You want. But might be fun to try something new…

    • Mattis says:

      It’s nice you weigh in, it gives perspective on this.
      But I don’t really know how I can do it for now.
      Aside the fact it’s not my stuff, on what is it really different than the “happy mood” thingy ?
      (aside from adding stuff to it like orgasms, I mean)

  • Bloodangel says:

    BTW Still enjoying this amazing game true there are some bugs but at it heart it is totally Bad Ass :)

  • anitax1990 says:

    Tengo más ideas que espero que te gusten
    1) un nuevo esnario: mazmorra
    2) poder atar a las chicas
    3)una postura para azotarlas
    4)poder azotarlas con latigos y fusta
    espero no molestar o distraer con mis comentarios, si es así por favor dímelo y no molestare mas

    • Mattis says:

      Don’t worry, I always like comments !

      But you can guess “mazmorra” scenario with whip and everything has already been suggested a lot of times, before, and it’s planned ;)
      (even if bondage is too “classic” for my taste, it already exists everywhere else on the web, but that’s still a nice idea anyway)

  • anitax1990 says:

    so a “mazmorra” seems too “classic” ok let’s get creative XD
    Castle dracula
    a drug dealer’s mansion
    a dark alleyway
    consultation of gynecologist
    lingerie shop
    beauty center
    geriatric (just kidding)

    • Mattis says:

      - Classic
      - Classic but fun
      - Already planned
      - Ultra classic
      - Nice !
      - Classic but fun
      - Why not ;) (2 ways : with old people, or with young women visiting their ancients, lol)

    • maatyox says:

      Hey Ana,

      I like your amazing suggestions and ideas. It would be a great pity not to have them in the game.

      I’m planning an SM side project for Kopc – Monsieur Mattis gave me green light already. Sadly, I don’t posses your insight which would allow me to tackle all the aspects of the topic to make the project really badass, therefore, I would really appreciate and love to work with you.

      If you’re interested, please drop me an email ( ). Cheers.

  • anitax1990 says:

    Classic Dracula? Think about the possibility of putting women with teenage bodies that actually have more than 100 years, it would not be pedophilia.
    Gynecologist, get into the head of a woman … there you are exposed in one of those beds that keep you close your legs in front of a man with authority
    Geriatric: our hero will have a lot of work if you want to get a woman aged 80 pregnant

    • Mattis says:

      Gyne : must admit, you have a point, there ;)

      Geriatric : here too, loool ! But I was more interested into daughters and grand-daughters visiting. You know, like the poor “help-me” raped woman, in front of a bunch of weak old folks who can’t do anything to stop the big and muscle mean machine that take her in public.
      I know, I’m twisted, sorry :/

      Dracula : indeed. “Giant male” tends to work, too, as “poor excuses”, lol. Personnally I don’t care at all (universal support of mass-rape in real porn industry is a far bigger issue, in my opinion), but legally it wouldn’t work at all anyway, it’s all about : “depiction, real or not, that COULD be taken for an underage female engaged in any sexual ambiance, whatever the context” :)
      But “fantasy creatures” came on top of the list, yes.

  • Garruk says:

    hey great work, i tried posting a comment in your newest post, but i dont know if it got through.

    I’m new to it but i think you got a pretty cool concept going.
    I was wondering though, i played one of the older versions and the player character had dialogue lines, but on this new version they dont, is there a reason for this? it’s cool that you added dialogue to the females though.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Mattis says:

      I didn’t have the other comment, no, sorry :/

      For the dialogue lines, yes, it’s buggy since the beginning, and I tear my hairs on it since months, lol ;)
      Should be working better in the next update, people gave me a good help in cornering and narrowing down the bugs !

      Thx for the support, always appreciated !

  • Asmodean Disciple says:

    Some extra ideas:

    Strip Club:
    Pose: Against pole (tits each side, giving titjob to pole) [Trigger by pole click]
    Extra: Wearing panties on head (over face – crotch area of panties over nose) [Trigger by clicking on panties] [Can also apply to stadium locker room, swimming pool locker room, swimming pool shower room]

    Pose: Doggy style, but head pushed into bucket [Trigger by bucket click]
    Pose: Hands handcuffed behind back [Trigger by handcuff click - will need to add pair of handcuffs that can be clicked]

    Extra: Vibrator in ass (if currently fucking vaginal); Vibrator in pussy (if currently fucking anal) [Trigger by vibrator click]

    Pose: Spanking with spatula [Trigger by spatula click]
    Pose: Spanking with pizza oven shovel [Trigger by pizza oven shovel click]

    Pose: As public gangbang, but where scene has “bystander” teacher, let her join in with a strapon [Trigger by teacher click]

    Swimming Pool:
    [In Swimming Pool Area]-
    Pose: As Stuffed position, but held in position via being trapped in lifering (going around back of knees and back) [Trigger by lifering click]
    Pose: On recliner (similar to benches) [Trigger by recliner click]
    Pose: Over starter block [Trigger by starter block click]

    The Park:
    Pose: Fucking the statue (being pulled on / off by player character) [Trigger by statue click]
    Pose: Still, but head pushed into bin [Trigger by bin click]
    Pose: Fucking with bottle [Trigger by bottle click] [Can also apply to other scenes with bottles]
    Pose: Vary pose depending on which of 3 benches are clicked

    Dance Room
    Pose: Standing, with girl holding on to balance rail [Trigger by balance rail click]

    Extras [No Particular Scene]
    Requires 2+ girls:- Strapon (Use public gangbang but with randomly selected other girl rather than member of public; if still girls free, some scenes could have multiple strapons to allow more girls to participate)

  • mia says:

    i have one idea what about male victims for say one of the alternative routes not the main one obviously

    • Mattis says:

      Feel free to propose another alternative campaign for the game, based on this idea and on game tutorials to create scenarios and campaigns !
      I would love to include something like that in the game !

    • Druthulhu says:

      given the stated philosophical approach of the game and its producer, re: violence in fantasy and animation being a fight against violence in reality … full options for rapists/abusers and victims of all genders, as well as “happy sex” w/ gay and bi combinations.

      depending on what can be extrapolated from non-reporting levels for women, not even considering the added stigma for men, male rape victims may be as much as 20% of all victims in Western society. this is largely hetero rape – men are better able to physically defend but conditioned not to use force against women. male domestic abuse victims may be as much as 33%. dirty secret.

  • Jay S says:

    I love playing the game, it’s really awesome but some of the levels have an different meter bar which makes playing hard because you have to actually pay attention to the meter so you can get the maxium score.

    Can you just go back to the original click meter?

    • Mattis says:

      Creating and improving a game always take a huge amount of sweat, blood, time and effort out of the developper.
      Suggesting to just “go back on what’s been done” is never a good idea, if you want the creator to keep is sanity and calm ;)
      (that apply for any game creator, not just me, of course :p)


      A lot of players had the same “issue” with the new gameplay, so next update will contain something to fix that.
      (in a more subtle way than just erasing the efforts put into the new gameplay)
      Anyway thx for the support ! ;)

  • David says:

    Ok i feel stupid, but i cannot seem to find the codes help

  • Josh says:

    Love KOPC i’m surprised that you don’t have an option when having oral sex to cum inside the girls mouth with an x-ray of the girls stomach getting full of cum I hope that something like that will be put in the game soon keep up the good work.

    • Mattis says:

      Given :
      - I always do as fast as possible what I’m technically able to do.
      - I work on KoPC since more than 2 years now.
      - Mouth-creampie has always been a favorite of mine.

      … you can conclude how difficult and impossible technical challenge it is, for now, alas. :/
      But I don’t lose hope! One day, oh yeah, one day I will be able to pull that out, and it’s gonna be a great day ;)

  • Drayjin says:

    Dude keep up the awesome work been following for a very long time. Only have a couple of suggestions . In kopc i noticed that you can not start 3some with small girl and tall girl if you start with small girl it will not let you click tall girl to add her :( i do not know how trouble it would be to add this and a couple of poses will be but would you pls check into it??? And for the sex pit just an idea but would be nice if girls could service multiple guys at same time up to 3 one for each hole and some guys wanting multiple girls. Dude keep up the awesome work

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the kind word, always appreciated and motivating!
      Especially when there’s so much interesting but exhausting work from everywhere, lol! I need my “moral support & compliment” protein juice! :p

      About the small/tall mix in KoPC : yeah, by the time I released this pose, I figured out a big problem regarding that : it doesn’t work both ways, in the engine!
      Having a small THEN a tall is absolutely not like having a tall THEN a small, it’s not the same resulting 3-some pose!
      What it means is I would have to create the second pose, the order of clicking being really important, for now, in the engine.
      But then, if I want to make a threesome with 2 small and 1 tall, it means I would need to create X poses :
      - one for when you click small, then another small, then a tall.
      - one for small, tall, small
      - one for tall, small, small.
      And if you want 2 tall and 1 small, same thing : need 3 poses!

      So, by the time we realised this, I said : “ok, let’s stop here for now, it’s obviously not the way to go, to multiply my work by 2 or 3, when there’s already so much things to do!”
      So we are in stand-by on that, until I figure out an easy way to tweak the engine so it can process all combinations into one final pose.
      It’s basically what I’m attempting to do in the new SexForge engine. If it works, I will have more visibility for back-inclusion into the KoPC engine one. Not easy or fast process, alas!

      For Sex Pit : it should be an obvious topic when I start working on “events” big ass update, and I’ll try to back-include KoPC “y-some” (1 girl several men) poses at this point.
      But I’m not there yet ;)

      So, as you see, everything is under consideration ;)
      It’s just I’m alone doing all that, and can only do my best with the very few ressources I have.
      Hang on, we’ll get there! (we always do, it’s just a matter of time)

  • Drayjin says:

    thanks dude wish i could help but i have know idea how to do any of that stuff. keep up the awesome work!!!! Oh btw its nice that i can play KOPC on the web browser using my ps3. lol have a awesome day . dont over do yourself

  • Druthulhu says:

    Mattis -

    is there a way to save progress? what is the space for a “search blog for code” code for? I assume it is for that, but not finding anything …

    • Mattis says:


      Depends on which of my numerous games you are talking about, but usually all my save systems are automatic, by cookies. (so you have to accept cookies when playing online to have your progress remember)

      The rest, about the search & the code, I didn’t understood, alas.
      Could you rephrase/develop your question ?
      Do you talk about the search bar on top of this blog ?
      In which case : it just goes with the blog engine, I didn’t put it here myself. I don’t really know how it works, lol ^^

  • JustPlayin says:

    Oh Mattis how I love your naughty games. Just wanted to stop by and thank u for the hardcore fun. Your raw animation style is delicious and always improving and the KoP series is my favorite to date! One of my fav feature is the customization of free play mode. That is something I’ve never seen done before, the randomization. The only thing is that when I make him cum in her mouth she’s always clenching it closed instead of taking it like a good girl should… Any way to fix that? Keep up the great work!

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the compliment feedback!!
      Indeed I work really hard at provided some unique and revolutionnary features or concepts in lots of my games!
      And in KoPC, the fact it’s “not only” this or that feature, but the working combination of everything, it’s just astonishing!
      Too bad it’s not something celebrate in itself, and it’s not at really great quality.
      But the world is probably better that way, with players more focused on the real story and kinkyness, and not on the technical wonders!

      That said, I’m improved day after day indeed, and I’m happy to provide so much exciting material, given so great support! Everyone’s happy, there’s no better way to do things!!

      For the comment on girl, I won’t bounce on it, I got a very strict official position on that ;)
      That said, I always wanted to be able to do some great messy deepthroat and mouth-shoot action, yes. But that’s the hardest thing to do, and I’m still several step behind being able to do a proper pose/scene for that!
      But I’m still trying, it’s still a goal! So, patience, support, effort, and we’ll get there eventually! :D

      • JustPlayin says:

        “great messy deepthroat and mouth-shoot action”

        Oh my badness, that would be a dream. I am sharing your work more and more because you need the support. Would love to see your work recognized on par with Zone. xoxo

  • trollolo guy says:

    I notice there’s one little troublesome bug in may 2015 update
    1. The one called “end manually” didn’t go well after i finished fucking all the girls the end manually pops up and the game become shaking and it’s really bugging me

    • trollolo guy says:

      By the way that profile picture is my son so don’t get the wrong idea

      • Mattis says:

        I’ll try, huhuhu ;)
        Just kidding’

        For the “end manually” panel, yep, it’s been signalled, and put on the top priority “bug to fix” list, don’t worry!
        I’ll try to get to it as soon as possible, but thanks for confirming the bug! (with details)

  • RampageRhino says:

    in KOPC are you going to add the option to change the futa main character’s ass size? Unless i’m being stupid and not realising its really hard to program or something :p anyway keep up the great work, i can’t wait till sexforge is released :D

    • Mattis says:

      Problem with KoPC (as all my games) is : I’m trying to make new and original engines/games, with very little ressources and personnal skills.
      So there’s great breakthrough, but also big dead-ends.
      One of them, in KoPC, is the engine managing main character and the one managing the girls are completely different.
      So, what is working on girls don’t work on men, and vice-versa, or need tremendous amount of work.
      That’s why I made a completely new engine from scratch, in Sexforge, on the same premisses.

      So, short answer : it would be possible, but really not easy, alas!
      The futa main in KoPC is a massive tweak, and don’t have all what KoPC girls have.

  • Adie says:

    Yo Mattis, been loving your recent animations on the PB series. Great stuff. Now for the actual question. Sick track choices for Korra, Shaundi, and Holli. If you don’t mind could you tell me what the artist(s) name’s and track titles are?

  • Gaylover says:

    hey what is the code for pb: Lara Croft

    • Mattis says:

      Not the proper place for that ;)
      Though : patreon code are meant for patreons, to reward their help in making those games. Those codes aren’t distributed publicly, alas!

  • mb says:


    love your games, especially kopc.
    for some reason kopc.swf no longer runs…using either chrome or firefox. i have checked with my antivirus support (avg) but that is not the issue…and i have searched the web but could find nothing.

    do you have any hints as to why swf do longer run in browsers? has anyone else brought this to your attention.
    thanks for your work.


    • Mattis says:

      Yep, flash .swf format is no longer supported “by default” by browsers as we go.
      In some firefox browsers, it doesn’t run at all, but in chrome browser, you should see little notifications it has blocked a flash game, in your window.

      You can usually configure your browser to run flash format, or download various extension to read them by default, though, if you look around a little.

      But it’s independant from me, games or your antivirus, yes, it’s just because browsers decided to not support flash/.swf anymore. (for various reasons)

  • Kris says:

    Where’d you get your music for the PB series?

  • AlphaCix says:

    Woops, a typo got through.

    “That way, you can work at a steady pace without fearing that you have to cram each update with enough stuff in order for the people’s contributions to be justified or holding back additional content that **you were** going to keep on reserve for the next update.”


  • Mattis says:

    Thx for the “velvet gloves”, lol. I indeed have a lot of history of tons of people “explaining me” what I should do and how I should work. Some of them rode my back for years, on a daily basis.
    Almost none of their thousands of advices ever worked (lost everything I got along the process), none of them ever achieve anything themselves, and none of them lift a finger to help me while I was going down slowly, year after year, until I gave up on making games.
    So, yeah, velvet gloves are shitty, but needed, alas, I’m a too damaged car ;)

    Anyway : a point not mentionned : my capacity of work. Chaotic and slow to say the least.
    I don’t hold anything back, in current system.

    But I don’t really get how the #1 would work.
    I read it twice but I don’t understand it fully.
    You mean maybe fix a higher price, but for several updates ?
    Which would allow me to judge “slices”, yeah, like “ok, 400$ already here, got time to work” or “oops, 700$ late already for this trimester, better hurry up the stuff !”
    You mean something like that, to prevent too much “start/stop/start/stop” donation campaigns ?

    For offbeatr, if they don’t check their own rules, that could be interesting, yes.
    But I got secondary problems, with that, that I don’t mentionned directly because it was overkill :
    1) – time of development, slow and impossible to guess, for me, as mentionned.
    2) – guessing what could come next. “complete new sounds catalog” just underline the problem, but fact is I always work like that : I’m sure I can do something, I try, that doesn’t work, I drift to something else, work it for a half, comes up with better and fresh ideas, drift again, etc…
    It’s rare when an update contain what I planned for it at first, and rare that I guessed what would be in the update.
    Shitty working process, always been like that, never been able to change that, even a little, but that’s where I’m good.
    But in the case of a stable well-planned project description like asked in offbeatr ? I just don’t fit.
    3) – same for “contributor rewards”. It’s just freaking impossible for me to plan something sure like “rewards”.

    And in top of all that, I’m supposed to guess a fair price ?
    It’s just seems so hard to do…

    I guess I could just go with a price, telling people I will improvise everything, give some main lines and potential stuff, and mainly sum up KoPC history, to prove my case (because there’s tons of proof here for sure, about how versatile, fun, expanding and promising this game is).

    I don’t know, you tell me if you have some kind of answers for that.

  • Mattis says:

    It seems you had a great time with that, right ? ;)
    Ok, will try !
    Thx for the great support and the fun edited pics !!